Our unlimited training partnership with Elite Sports Academy in Preston starts on October 16th and will run through the end of February.

  • This is an INVITE ONLY TRAINING for: 
      • Skyline Girls Select Basketball players (4th - 8th)
      • Promising players who attended and participated in 2023 Tryouts, were not selected to play on a team for the 2023-2024 SGSB Season, but would like to return again next season. 
    • For players and parents new to Elite, you can visit the Elite website to get more information on how the training sessions work. Please also note:
      • Training sessions are co-ed and mixed ages. It's possible your 4th grader may be attending a class with much older players but the skills taught are relevant to any age. 
      • If your daughter is nervous about this aspect we recommend getting teammates to go at the same time. Makes carpooling easier as well.
    • How do you sign up?
      • For training in Preston you and your player simply show up and pick sessions to participate in. Please note these are structured as “mini-clinics” and not meant to be thought of as personal training sessions. Your athlete should look to get as much out of these sessions as possible, put in the work, and ask questions of the available trainers as needed.
      • For training in Klahanie, space is limited so you must sign up online
      • A waiver will be sent out to all teams shortly.
    • Elite Training Link has both Preston and Klahanie schedules and the signup for Klahanie training. As a courtesy, please limit Klahanie training sessions to 3 per week.